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Is Cloudpath ES abandonware?

New Contributor


We are using Cloudpath ES to enroll students to the eduroam university network. Mostly, it works fine, but it does not work on MacOS Big Sur.

My guess is that Apple has done some changes to increase security, and Ruckus needs to release new client packages to handle that.

As far as I can see, there are no new client packages. The newest client package, v. 5.0.1000, was released june 2020. Big Sur was released in november, and had been in beta several months before that. So, where is the update for Big Sur?

The main Cloudpath system has not been updated either, not since august 2020. That is an eternity internet time.

So I am beginning to ask myself if Cloudpath has been abandoned by Ruckus. We need to renew our Cloudpath licenses this summer, and if no updates are coming very soon, we will probably have to look for another enrollment solution.

Does anyone know anything about Ruckus future plans for Cloudpath? There is not very much to read about on this site.

Mats Lejon, Systems Engineer, University West


Contributor III

Agreed, it's been a LONG time since a Cloudpath upgrade/update has been released.

New Contributor III

Hi Mats,

Hopefully you have seen that we just posted 5.8 that addresses a lot of these challenges that you have.  It has a lot of new features in it and would like to get some feedback as well about the product.  We have more updates coming shortly as well.  If you have a chance, please check out 5.8, if you have questions, please feel free to email me directly: