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Cloudpath API for onboarding using custom developed APP

New Contributor
we are trying to implementing an app that interact with the Cloudpath API,
the scenario is, when user use this app, they will have longer session that onboard using the web.
this means it will drop the different certificate template while using the app

do anyone have tried to contacting the API for drop down the certificate?

this is the Generate Certificate feature from Cloudpath ES
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3d8135b77e2478aa07a_9cac7eca4ee674313692589005b07b6a_RackMultipart20170417350081kkf-44cdf3fe-106c-4591-aadf-9db2b39781ae-387480055.jpg1492398143
in the Cloudpath's API document in page 6, mentioned that we can use the Generate Certificate feature directly from API as follow
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3d8135b77e2478aa07a_f231eeeb5a44dc7b03a2fb68413a8bd1_RackMultipart20170417694011w8f-9683f61d-2d00-4b7e-8d0e-428426a9a2aa-314814777.jpg1492398247

which is supposed to be

in the document mentioned that CSR is required,
what should i fill the CSR if the generate certificate that i want to be generated is using Auto-Generated CSR configuration?