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Use Ruckus Unleashed mobile app to hide SSID of wireless network

New Contributor II

To hide or unhide a wireless network SSID, I must use the Unleashed web interface. I would like to have this option in the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app.


arsalan_habib, were you able to find and answer to lanmastermark's question?  I have the same question and I'm hoping you can help us out too.

Unfortunately, the engineer responding above did not have a solution. To date, I have not seen this option added in the mobile app, though I would still find it very useful.

Hi @spencer_mears and @lanmastermark we understand this request and will add it to one of our future releases. There is a release going out around May end unfortunately this feature won't be in that release, but I will prioritize it to be added in the very next release and update in this thread once we have the feature added.

Thank you both for your feedback.

I think it's a valid request and I appreciate your attention. Thank you.

@arsalan_habib The green power icon disables/enables the network. This is not the same thing as SSID broadcast. I'd like the option to enable/disable SSID broadcast for the network.