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Use Ruckus Unleashed mobile app to hide SSID of wireless network

New Contributor II

To hide or unhide a wireless network SSID, I must use the Unleashed web interface. I would like to have this option in the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app.


No, I mean enable or disable SSID broadcast for the wifi network.

Hi! The green power icon on WiFi network detail will in fact enable or disable SSID broadcast. Please give it a go.

That’s not correct. The green power icon disables the wifi network. I don’t want that. Thanks for your input, but you don’t seem to understand the request. 


Let me check with my team and get back to you. It seems you want the WLAN to stay enabled but just hide the broadcast of the SSID.

Correct. This is possible via the Unleashed web site, and I'd like it available in the mobile app. That was the original request. Sorry if I was unclear.