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Does license transfer on Liman require support entitlement?

New Contributor

Hi pack!

My customer has several SZ100 and vSZ-E with expired support entitlement.

My question is:

- Can they move license between their SZ100 and vSZ-E controllers on LiMan without support entitlement?

- Does anyone have a doc showing what we can and cannot do with/without support entitlement on controllers?


Thanks & Best regards,


New Contributor

Hello Nguyen,

Yes, you can move your license between your SZ100 and vSZ-E without an Active Support Entitlement. These products share a similar licensing structure, so the licenses are compatible.

Here is a KB article that provides more details on how to move licenses between SZ and vSZ products:

Please note that devices without an Active Support Entitlement are not eligible for Advance Replacement - RMA, Upgrade Firmware, or Technical Support. If you need these services, you will need to purchase a Support Entitlement. You can learn more about the different Support Programs available from Ruckus here:

I hope this answers your question!


Althaf Zakaria | Licensing & Administration Team