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zf's 7982 and 7372

New Contributor II
Good morning! I am having a problem repeating itself in several Ruckus zf7372 and zf7982. I have a ZD Controller on a separate network and different from the other networks where the Ruckus devices are. The zf's Ruckus operate correctly for approximately 24 or 48 hours after they are de-configured, AIR and DIR LEDs flash one after the other in a time interval of approximately 1 second. To fix this I need to remove the zf's from the networks where they are installed and relocate them to the ZD controller network and reconfigure them. I need help to solve this problem and keep my zf's running smoothly. Thank you! I await your help.


New Contributor III
Are these problematic ZF7372/ZF7982 APs are managed by ZD ? On which firmware ZD is running on? make sure it is on a maintance release.

New Contributor II
Thanks for reply, yes, all my zf's are controlled by the ZD controller. I will go verify the firmware and post this here. In the ZD controller I can see all zf's offline and the online.


The ZD Controller version is build 15