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vSCG vSZ redundancy

New Contributor II
Hi guys,

We have a Virtual Smartzone installed on a VM and we would like to implement redundancy. The goal is to have like two active/passive or active/active instances:
- in case of the failure of an instance, the APs should be able to join another one
- our AAA authentication traffic also goes via the vSZ, so we would like to ensure that already connected users are still connected and the new users should be able to authenticate
- Ideally, we would like to have geographical redundancy and put the instances in different locations

Is there any doc that shows how we can implement this or maybe another way to achieve it.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

New Contributor II
Hi Othmane
You can build a vSZ as a cluster, as this is done it acts as one big vSZ with all the needs you mentioned.
To build this you need the vsz build up from scratch with 3 nic's. One of them is the cluster network.

to geographicaly be independent, we'll that is a tricky one. The cluster network allows a delay off maximum 10-15 mS.