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v build 216

New Contributor III
Hi, we are currently running a ZD3000 on v build 216. This is part because we still have a number of older ZF7363 APs as well as newer R600s. We are currently looking at upgrading the WiFi in some of our smaller rooms but would be interested in R310s and R610s. However would these newer access points work without issue on this older firmware? Any advice or experience would be gratefully received.

Esteemed Contributor II
Do you have a support contract?  We have a knowledge base article (KBA-6452: What APs are supported on what ZD versions?)

R600 has been supported since, and both 7363 and R600 are supported in the latest ZD version (MR1).

Read interim version Release Notes (backwards from your desired version) for the upgrade path from 9.9.0.

New Contributor III
Yes we do but didn't find this. That's excellent. Thanks.

New Contributor III
Michael, I have subsequently been told that the ZF7363 isn't supported on a ZD3000 configuration after 9.12 so realise that the spreadsheet was actually incorrect.

The last software releases which support the 7363 will be ZoneFlex 9.12 and RuckOS 3.1 (SCG & vSCG). The 7363 will not be supported on software releases beyond ZoneFlex 9.12 or RuckOS 3.1 maintenance releases.