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smartzone 100 issue with AP's ssid

New Contributor III
We have a SZ 100 and randomly all of the AP's lost their SSID and broadcasted Recover.Me. We rebooted the AP's and the SZ with no luck. I then factory reset an AP and added it back to the SZ and still it had the ssid. I then loaded a backup of our SZ before our last upgrade from> and that fixed it for about 8 hours. Then it happened again. We do not have a mesh network as that's the only thing I've found that can cause this to happen. Any ideas?

The AP's are R610 and they show up as online on the SZ and we can ping them from the SZ and from the AP I can ping the SZ.

Thank you!

RUCKUS Team Member
While the AP is showing online there must be some AP to SZ communication issue as the configuration has not been received and acknowledged by the AP (New Configuration means the configuration update to the AP is pending).

The AP support info file is downloaded from the SZ GUI by highlighting the AP then selecting "Download support" from the more pull down in the menu bar above (this is from an vSZ-H, it may be different on SZ-100):

Image_ images_messages_5f91c456135b77e247a2e7b7_24ae93678948263902abf931d88456a6_RackMultipart20200318125934wo4-2d34a582-935d-441c-971d-8bbefb3ad663-341896173.png1584559181

In the example above it is greyed out because the AP is offline.

If there is a communication issue from AP to SZ then the support log may not be retrievable from the SZ gui ... but give it a try.

There could be lots of reasons why the AP is not getting the configuration.  Network/firewall ACL issues, AP operational issues or code problems.  Diagnosing this via the Forums is probably not possible.