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smartzone 100 issue with AP's ssid

New Contributor III
We have a SZ 100 and randomly all of the AP's lost their SSID and broadcasted Recover.Me. We rebooted the AP's and the SZ with no luck. I then factory reset an AP and added it back to the SZ and still it had the ssid. I then loaded a backup of our SZ before our last upgrade from> and that fixed it for about 8 hours. Then it happened again. We do not have a mesh network as that's the only thing I've found that can cause this to happen. Any ideas?

The AP's are R610 and they show up as online on the SZ and we can ping them from the SZ and from the AP I can ping the SZ.

Thank you!

Internal Employee
Hi John,

The AP's send unicast ARP's to the configured Default Gateway (ARPings) to verify they have connectivity.  Make sure your gateway is responding to these ARP's.  AP's that think they lost contact to the Default Gateway will transmit the recovery SSID to allow accessing the AP that might be remotely mounted to diagnose the issue.

An AP that has been under SZ control use the AP admin password as PSK for access to recovery SSID.

Hope this helps.



New Contributor III
When you say the configured default gateway is that the ip of the sz? We have the sz and the ap's on a management vlan with no internet access.

Internal Employee
How are you providing IP's to the AP's - via DHCP or statically?

This configuration should include a default gateway that can reply to unicast ARP requests.

This is standard IP configuration stuff.

If you are not allowing routing on the management VLAN and do not have an existing Default Gateway on this VLAN you could use the vSZ IP as the Default Gateway IP address but having a local router on the management VLAN is a better design.  The vSZ should reply to ARP's but this adds load to the vSZ.

To check what default gateway the AP has received use the AP SSH/CLI command - get ipaddr wan

New Contributor III
No, I just set it to a random IP since there is no default gateway on this network.

Should I put the SZ IP as the default gateway?