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does the Zf7363 AP work with a ZD3025?

New Contributor
Wanting to purchase a ZD3025 and run some R710 WAPS, but also want to still utilize my ZF7363 WAPS. Any problem with this? Will ZD 3000 still operate the zf7363 WAP?

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, on version 9.12 releases you can have both 7363 and R710, but not ZD 9.13 and later.

New Contributor III
Small side note: If you want to utilize the ZF7363 at expected performance rates then you would be stuck at ZD 9.8.3.

At ZD 9.12 there are some performance degrading features which make that you can only use your ZD7363 at marginal performance. More can be read at

This basically means that the legacy AP's will work with 9.12 but you shouldn't expect normal performance.