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combine different APs version in same environments

New Contributor III

Can i combine WW (World Wide) version APs with US APs in same environments


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Bandar,

US AP's can only be used with controllers set for US country code.  They are locked to just US approved frequencies and power levels.

WW AP's can be used with any country code setting, including US.  They are not locked to a fixed set of channels. So you should be able to use WW AP's in a system set for US country code.

But using WW AP's in the USA is forbidden by the FCC.

I hope this answers your question.



Contributor III
But asuming you're outside the US, if you set a zone's country code to US, you are able to connect both WW and US aps. Please correct me if im wrong Albert.

RUCKUS Team Member
Yes, WW AP's can join US designated Zones.

The country code test is done when the AP tries to join the controller.  US AP's will not be able to join zones set for any other country code, but WW can join US designated zones.  US coded AP's have an internal configuration designating them as Fixed Country Code.  This configuration is done when the AP is manufactured and cannot be changed by customers.

New Contributor III
Thank you all.
Yes i’m outside The US but i have us product.
And someone donated WW version.