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Zoneflex 7372 AP to join Zonemaster 100 controller

New Contributor II
Controller running version
Loaded ZF7372 AP with Standalone 104.001347
*According to the release notes on smartzone 100 version the AP ZF7372 is supported.
*And release notes on ZF7372 version 104.001347 it is supported to the controller as well.

How on earth do  i add it to the controller as i cant find any documentation on this.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Pieter,

Please find our How-to-Hub Video on how to register an AP with SZ.


thanks i will try this and come back to you...
***This  did not work as i followed the steps as per video*** note he was using R series AP and im using Zoneflex and trying to convert the AP as it was previously used on a ZoneDirector, this is why i factory reset the AP and loaded the Standalone version software as i dont have access to the zonedirector device.

New Contributor III
If by any chance the AP still doesn't show at all in the SZ it may be a certificate problem, because that's an old AP. If that's the case you could import a file from the ZoneFlex AP to replace the cert, then upload it in the support site, they (TAC support) send you a file with a new cert to download it again to the AP, that way the SZ will accept it.

Or you could tell the controller to not check certs by CLI, that way the SZ will also accept the AP.

no ap-cert-check

Best regards 

New Contributor II
turned out that the AP country code was US while the controller was ZA. TAC generated a shell key and made changes via cli to change the country code to ZA. 

2nd issue was certificate on the old AP and ran a command on the controller not to validate AP cert and then it was able to join the controller.