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ZoneFlex R500 Intermittent Client Disconnects

New Contributor II
I'm sure this has been a topic of discussion  but I can't seem to pinpoint an actual fix or root cause. I have 2 R500 AP's running standalone and running firmware version Mesh recovery has been disabled. One is manually set for channel 6 and the other for channel 11. I am getting no interference on those channels from any neighboring AP's. The closest one strong enough to cause interference is set to channel 1. The devices are not rebooting as they have been up for over 40 days. The client disconnects occur daily.

One of my issues in trying to troubleshoot this is that the logs are literally filled with the following error message that I believe is unrelated to my current issue.

Cannot notify kernel for DeleteAP (65535) event, -- Address family not supported by protocol (124)

I see a few 802.11 Deauth reason codes or 8 which should be normal when roaming between the 2 AP's. This is most likely peoples phones/tablets. The clients that are disconnecting are laptops and do not roam between the AP's.

Any insight is much appreciated!



Ok so now I realized it says the disconnected has an older firmware. But when I click to upgrade it only brings up the already upgraded AP. My only option is to do "local upload" to it and I do. Then it says "when the other AP comes online there is an update button to push but that never appears...

Well, it never came online so I pressed "removed" it. Now I have to figure out how to add it back in.

Ok, so I factory reset the non-working AP using a paper-clip for 6+ seconds and then put it back hardwired on the LAN. That made it upgrade the firmware itself it seems and hopefully will come back online in the mesh.

Yes after a bunch of different statuses like Provisioning and Disconnected the second AP came online in the Mesh fine. Thanks! 🙂