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ZoneFlex R310 max clients reached

New Contributor II
Hello, in the office we have 8 ZoneFlex R310 Access Points split by two floors.
In the 1st floor we have about 100 devices connected at the same time, the Wifi performance is very poor and some clients have about 1MB download speed in the common speed tests.

We have a dedicated line with 100Mbps connection to the outside.

The access points shows in the system logs constantly the message "max clients reached, 40 is bigger than max 40" but i have no idea why that is happening. Is one of the access points becoming saturated? If this happens its not supposed to roam to another cool AP ?

Ok we will probably dig into that and upgrade, but its odd since the R310 specsheet announces up to 100 clients max. I'm wondering why it caps out at 40..
Probably its 50 devices per radio with some reserved ones for between AP connections?

It’s spec at 100 clients total on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands using no WiFi encryption . Thus you have a 40 client cap when you have encryption. Never go by the max number spec since it’s normally unencrypted. I know the r310 are much lower end and was never built to handle many clients. Even my clients old Zoneflex 7372 2x 2x antenna 802..11n dual band can handle 110 WiFi clients encrypted but it’s spec out max 500 WiFi clients unencrypted. You really need to upgrade the access points that are saturated. Reason why the controller is probably not pushing other clients to the other access points is probably the other r310 is not close enough. Again your best solution is upgrade the APs that are overwhelmed.

Thanks for the help. Really appreciated

Contributor III
R710 is a 802.11ac Wave 2 antenna system....

New Contributor II
I have 4 AP's per floor placed on walls vertically (it was an outsourced team that original setup the network), and using ZoneDirector controller. Sorry for not adding that on the question.