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ZoneFlex R310 max clients reached

New Contributor II
Hello, in the office we have 8 ZoneFlex R310 Access Points split by two floors.
In the 1st floor we have about 100 devices connected at the same time, the Wifi performance is very poor and some clients have about 1MB download speed in the common speed tests.

We have a dedicated line with 100Mbps connection to the outside.

The access points shows in the system logs constantly the message "max clients reached, 40 is bigger than max 40" but i have no idea why that is happening. Is one of the access points becoming saturated? If this happens its not supposed to roam to another cool AP ?

Contributor III
Are you using unleashed or Zone director or something else?

Contributor III
Also it seems that one of your R310 has hit a max of 40 wifi clients.. You need to figure out which has the most clients  in unleashed.... but first we need to figure out what controller system are you using.  Also question is how far is each AP spaced?   Since you have 8 AP on split between 2 floors. Does that mean you have 4 APs on each floor? not necessary... So how many AP are on the first floor and how are they spaced? Also when it's slows... does this also affect the 2nd floor? Also whatever controller system you are on, what firmware are you using.  There's my be a possible you might need to swap out that AP to something that can handle more wifi clients like R710 which has 4 antenna system to handle more clients. Note: R310 are  2 antenna system for 2 streams 802.11ac Wave 1.   

The speed usually only slows on the 1st floor, the floor above has little to no complaints

Ok.. yeah it seems the first floor APs are overwhelmed... Find which APs are most saturated and replace them with a R710. Your Zone Director should support the R710 since those came out before your R310. So log into your Zone Director and see which APs have the most clients and replace one at a time. You can buy used R710 as low as $225 on ebay with no warranty and no support. Some ebay resellers of used may offer their own warranty. Make sure you they have standalone firmware and not unleashed.  Or go to your local Ruckus Dealer.. you pay more.. but up to you.  Note: also if you get it on Amazon.. no warranty too.... so that's why I think ebay is the best if you want to save but get it from reseller that has a return policy in case it's bad within 30days.