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ZoneFlex 7982

New Contributor II
Hi expert, the ZoneFlex 7982 (part number 901-7982-US00) works in my country Guatemala, Central America?

Thanks for your help

Luis Vivar

Valued Contributor II
Hi Luis

Legally Anything bought in the US like 901-7982-US00 must be used only in US as per FCC regulations which applies to all RF based products.

Part number 901-7982-US00 is a US part number so i would advice that you buy 901-7982-WW00. this product can be used in your country as there is no specfic part # for Guatemala.

To be sure check with Ruckus Sales staff in your region.


But this part number 901-7982-US00 works perfectly in my country Guatemala...

What is the problem? I bought the 2 units in

Hello Luis,

Everything country has its own RF transmission regulation which is monitored and supervised by organisation like FCC in the US. As you have bought a product something which is defined for the the US and it "MAY" overshoot the limits defined in Guatemala. this is why it is always advised to buy in the local country as they will comply to local RF laws and regulations. I am not sure what are the regulations in your country so best piece of advice is to ask a Ruckus sales staff in Guatemala region to see if your already bought 901-7982-US00 is good for Guatemala or not.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor II
The problem is that I bought 2 units of 901-7982-US00... what I can do?


Luis Vivar