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ZoneFlex 7372 AP TX power tuning

New Contributor III
We are using ZD1100 + ZF7372 AP's
We noticed that our WiFi network can be discovered also outside of our office.
I checked the TX power setting and it is set to auto, however I can see that all AP are actually operating at Full.
How can I know if it makes sense to reduce the power and to which setting? and that it will not impact clients performance?
We have quite a good coverage and I estimate that all clients are within 10 meters or less from an AP with no major interference in the way.

Esteemed Contributor II
I don't know your full topography, but if you identify the APs which are along your building perimeter,
you can create an AP Group, and lower the 2.4G and 5G radio Tx power from Full to -3/half or -6/quarter
power thru the antennas.  Following such an adjustment, you need to confirm that all employees still
have adequate throughput and coverage, but this will reduce the energy transmitting thru the walls to
your parking lot, neighboring businesses, etc.

Thanks. For now I have set all AP's to -3/half and will follow up on performane impact.
I am just wodering what does the "auto" setting really do, as I have seen that all AP's remain on Full when auto is set...

Hi Yuval,

You can set the power limits to lower values to reduce coverage outdoors, but this is really just security by obfuscation.  A dedicated intruder will simply use a high gain antenna pointed at your building and will be able to easily pick up your wi-fi signal even once you have lowered it.

I strongly recommend implementing a robust security network for your deployment.  I don't know what security you are using now but it would be best practise to make sure you are using WPA2 with AES and if you are using a Pre-Shared Key, then make sure it is a strong password not susceptible to dictionary attacks.  Alternatively look at D-PSK or even 802.1X with EAP-TLS / EAP-TTLS / PEAPv0-MSCHAPv2 if security is a big concern to your organisation.


Hi Rob,

I did make myself clear enough but the concern was not from a security point of view but from a health concern point of view, in the sense that the radio might have been transmittng stronger than necesary.
We already use strong security as those you mentioned.