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ZoneDirector Accesspoint provisioning issues with nonstandard untag VLAN id

New Contributor
we're running a ZD1200 ( with a bunch of R500.

During provisioning we encountered an error with the following configuration:
  • Management VLAN 100 (on a tagged port on ZD)
  • Provisioning VLAN 101
  • Guest WiFi VLAN 120 (configured as default VLAN on a few SSIDs)
AP is taken out of the box and connected to an untagged provisioning VLAN, receives ZD IP via DHCP.

ZD updates firmware & provisions config, Access Point group is configured as follows:
  • eth0: Trunk, Untag VLAN ID 120
  • eth1: Disabled
  • Management VLAN: 100
  • IP: keep AP default (DHCP)
After the initial update & provisioning the AP is then unreachable.

By monitoring the switches MAC address table I noticed that:
  • during initial configuration the AP uses the MAC address ending with a 0, which is first seen on VLAN 101 (untagged port on the switch)
  • after provisioning the AP uses the MAC address ending with a 3 on VLAN 101 (untagged port on the switch)
  • The MAC address ending with a 0 doesn't appear on VLAN 100 as it should, ZD communication does not work, the AP is effectively unreachable

After reverting the "Untag VLAN ID" to 1 in the Access Point Group and configuring VLAN 120 as tagged VLAN provisioning now works as expected - after initial provisioning in the untagged VLAN all further communication flows over tagged VLAN 100 on eth0.

This seems like a bug and should be addressed in engineering, cost us the better part of two days to hunt that one down.