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ZoneDirector 1200, smart mesh and different APs

New Contributor II

I am planning to use R510 APs in smart mesh but I would like to use r310/r300 normally connected to the network. Will this all work with ZoneDirector 1200 ? 

New Contributor II
It is open plan warehouse which will have VNA racking very soon. Current WiFI is too weak to work within VNA environment. I've planned to have R510 ceiling mounted running in mesh mode ( 8 mesh APs 2 Root APs) and R310 wall mounter connected by Ethernet cable in normal mode. 

VNA racking combined with products create huge barrier that's why AP's on a ceiling will be 8.5m apart of each other. Distance between wall mounted APs will be simmilar. 

Finally distance between r310 and r510 will be about 20m plus R510 will be mouted on high ceiling about 18m high.