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ZoneDirector 1200 configuration issue

New Contributor
Hi guys, I'm having a problem with a zonedirector 1200.
Why when the zonedirector is disconnected or powered off, the wireless of my AP doesn't work? Even if my DHCP server is configured on my firewall and not in the zonedirector and the AP is receiving all the vlans through a tagged port from one switch.

My network diagram is something like this
1. a firewall with all vlans (ip configuration, dhcp server and vlan routing)
2. a switch that is receiving all vlans from the firewall trhough a trunk port
3. zone director 1200 only receives an untag vlan from the switch
4. ruckus r300 is receiving all vlans from a tagged port of the switch.

When I disconnect the zone director from the network. The wireless is only working for those who are connected before unplug the ZD. But if you disconnect and try to reconnect the wireless with the zone director unplugged, it fails, even if you configure static IP on you device.

Thanks in advance.


Esteemed Contributor II

When using a ZoneDirector to manage your wireless network, it needs to be in communication with all Access Points that are servicing your clients.  The APs send heartbeats to keep this communication going, and provides RF and client data back to the ZD to allow you to monitor your network.

APs should still provide non-tunneled, non-WebAuth, local VLAN wireless service thru an Open or PSK type WLAN, for a period of time after losing ZoneDirector contact.  See the ZD's Configure::Access Points, Access Point Policies, Auto-Recovery field, where you can specify how long before an AP will reboot if it loses ZD communication.