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ZF-7962- Just want to create a simple guest wireless connection

New Contributor II
I have a ZF-7962, love it.
I want to have 2 wireless connections. 1 for users on the domain and one for guests.My wireless connection for domain users works fine. Guest wireless does not.

I have setup a local subnet under on the ZF, but I am not sure how to give it access to the internet through the AP.

Here is how it is setup:
Local subnet:
Starting address:
Access VLAN 40

Static IP set up for Internet settings.

Wireless 2.4:
Wireless1 (working) Packet forward (Bridge to Wan) Access VLAN 1
Wireless2 (not working) Packet forward (local subnet NAT and Route to Wan)
Local Subnet: Local Subnet 1
Access VLAN 40

What am i missing?

Valued Contributor II
Are you using the same local subnet for both WLAN's? If so, create another local subnet for Wireless2 (different IP address and DHCP scope) and that should work for you.

New Contributor II
Quite frankly I don't understand how the local subnet identifies with the ethernet connection to the AP.

The main wireless connection works because in my main internet setting on the AP I can say , hey here is the gateway. Go to the internet through that.

But when I set up a local subnet, set the Access VLAN to 40 (as the manual suggested) it just doesn't work. When you go into the Wireless settings for your Guest Wireless, and you select Local Subnet NAT and ROute to Wan, the Access VLAN is not there. Just the Local Subnet 1

So how does it know where to send the traffic?

Valued Contributor II
Sorry, I think I gave you a stupid answer. How is your Ethernet setup?

New Contributor II
I have a standard ethernet connection going into port 2.
Port 2 is currently setup as Access Port and Bridge to WAN.
VLAN untag ID 1
nothing else