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ZD3000 firmware upgrade path from build 13 to a version that supports both ZF7341 sand R500's

New Contributor III
We have purchased new R500 AP's and need them setup to run with the existing ZF7341's until all ZF7341 AP's have been swopped out with the new R500's. I'm looking for the correct ZD3000 firmware upgrade path.

Valued Contributor
not a path just giving you possibles range.

Lowest firmware for ZD3000 supporting R500 & ZF7341 is (edit)

Highest firmware for ZD3000supporting R500 & ZF7341 is
(aka 9.12.3 MR3 refresh 3).

ZF7341 is EOL and at some point soon newer versions of ZD firmware will not support it.

Reaching the lowest might be just a few steps but as ever backup a config each time and read the release notes for "known issues".

Valued Contributor
The 9.8.3 release notes give a direct path.

4.1.1. Official 9.8.3 upgrade paths supported:
• (9.6 GA)
• (9.6 MR1)
• (9.6 MR2)
• (9.7 GA)
• (9.7 MR1)
• (9.7 MR2)
 • (9.8 GA)
 • (9.8 MR1)
• (9.8 MR2) If you are running an earlier version, you must first upgrade to one of the above before upgrading to 9.8.3.

so that's a start.

9.12 needs at least 9.9.0 so if going to 9.12 there will be an extra upgrade as well.

9.6.2 > 9.8.3 > 9.9.0>9.12

don't just take my word for it, read those release notes! Unintentional consequences can be very irritating.

New Contributor III
Thank you Max

Esteemed Contributor II
Thumbs Up to everything Max said above.  Follow the Release Notes, and those are valid versions for
upgrades with both APs supported.  I add a tip to include digits in the ZD backup filenames, that identify
your version(s) saved from, in case you need to roll back or have any problem with upgrades.

And like Max said, of the EOL (Legacy) model APs, only a handful are still supported in latest ZD 10.0 (GA)
firmware and later releases.