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ZD3000 + ZF7363s - unable to upgrade firmware beyond

New Contributor
We currently have ZD3050 with over 30 ZF7363 APs. I have tried updating the firmware from to,,, and without success. ZD itself updates just fine, but after restarting it, all APs remain in disconnected state. The only way to get them back online is to roll back to I have updated firmware on ZD many times before and have never experienced similar issue.


Valued Contributor II
Dear Mariusz Plusa,

When ZD3k is running and all APs r in disconnected state.

What is DIR led status on the AP's?
Are you able to ping the AP's from ZD? from ZD to AP?
Is AP on L3 network?
why do you restart the ZD after upgrading it? any specific reason?

Esteemed Contributor II
Did the APs all upgrade to with the ZD ok? Are they in the same IP
subnet as the ZD or remote?

If you can ping one that's disconnected after the 9.7.2 ZD rebooted, try SSH to it
and give "get director" command. Does the AP know the ZD's IP address? If not,
issue the commands:

set director ip a.b.c.d (with your ZD's IP address)

does that reconnect the APs and ZD?

New Contributor
As far as I can tell the upgrade process goes as follows:I upload new firmware onto the ZD, save the config file, click upgrade, ZD does it's thing and restarts. After the reboot ZD is up and running and all APs are in disconnected state instead of 'upgrading firmware'.

And to answer your questions Monnat Systems:
I cannot what the DIR led status is like as I have only done the upgrade remotely while being offsite with no physical access to the APs or ZD.
I am unable to ping any of the APs after upgrading ZD. .
All APs are on layer 3 network, same subnet as the ZD.
ZD restarts itself after upgrading the firmware, all subsequent restarts were done hoping that the upgrade will somehow kick in after rebooting ZD.. I have had issues with 1-2 random APs in the past, also after an upgrade, where they would be in disconnected state, but after rebooting the ZD they would upgrade just fine.

It almost looks like configuration of all IPs resets itself after the upgrade. That could explain why I cannot ping any of them. As soon as I revert to the previous firmware and restore the config, everything goes back to normal.