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ZD1200+R710: Apple products unusable with "Force DHCP" option

New Contributor II
We have ZD1200 and 5xR710.
Recently the "Force DHCP" option was turned on with value 20 seconds and immediately Wi-Fi on all Apple products became not stable.

From ZD log I can see that these clients are getting "Receive Force DHCP DROP" every 5-10 seconds. How can the system force the AP to drop every 5 to 10 seconds if the configuration is set to wait 20 seconds for the station to do DHCP?

New Contributor III

I saw a similar issue and raised a topic here about a month ago.

I was advised that the "Force DHCP Option" should only be used when roaming across subnets- although that wasn't the way I read the documentation either.

I was using GA (the latest release) and saw similar problems as devices (particularly Apple) moved from AP to AP.

Things were pretty stable and worked "as expected" until a roaming event occurred.

I've left it turned off, but would prefer to have it enabled. To me it makes sense to prevent statically addressed clients connecting.

Hope that helps a bit.

Kind Regards,


Indeed this behavior is not expected based on the documentation.

It is a bug in my opinion, either in the documentation or the functionality.

I would prefer to force clients to use DHCP as well. It seems as-is the feature only works if using several subnets under one SSID.

I hope this thread may provide helpful for everyone else fighting with this unexpected behavior.

Hi Donald,

    Please contact Tech Support to report this possible anomaly.  If you have configured 20 sec
ForceDHCP, you should not see clients getting 5-10 sec "drops", regardless of whatever else
Apple devices may do.   Thanks!