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ZD1106 upgrade issues

New Contributor II
The recommended firmware on the ZD1106 is, and is a recommended upgrade path. I have a mix of ZF7363 and 7372 APs, and they remain disconnected after the ZD upgrade (except for one, oddly enough). Downgrading back to the 9.6 version fixed it (except for one, not the same one that connected; it remains disconnected). Any ideas?

Esteemed Contributor II
One suggestion...

When the APs are all connected on 9.6, from Configure::Access Points, AP Policies, check the
Limited ZD Discovery box and enter your ZD IP address.

Upgrading the ZD should not cause your APs to change IP address, so after the upgrade, see if
you can ping the disconnected AP(s).  If so, can you SSH to them, login with ZD admin credentials,
and issue a 'set director ip a.b.c.d' with your ZD's IP, then 'reboot'?

This will tell the APs to send LWAPP to your ZD's IP address when they come up again.  If they
all connected under 9.6, I think they should all reconnect on 9.8.2 as well.

New Contributor II
As another note, it may be worth upgrading to 9.7 first, then going to 9.8.  I don't think a direct upgrade across two versions is very well supported (although may work without issues in some/most/all cases).

The official upgrade path is mentioned here: - which does imply you might have to go to before even looking at 9.7.

Once on 9.8, you should then be able to go up to 9.8.2

New Contributor II
Thanks for the tip, that did it. Upgraded to first, then, and now we're good. Luckily only one intermediate version was required.