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ZD 1200 client won't connect

New Contributor
We are currently having issues connecting 'New' clients to our AP's that is controlled by a ZD1200. we have MAC filtering enabled and had reached the 128 limit for the amount of MACs we can have in the list, so I've deleted some of the old ones, added the new clients MAC addresses, rebooted the ZD but still I can't get the new clients ( windows 10 laptops ) to connect, when i try it just says unable to connect to network.. i can connect fine to other wifi networks, just not the ZD controlled one... anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

I was thinking of disabling the MAC filtering to see if that helps, but the only option I can see is to delete the scope and then I'd have to add them all back in again...

Contributor III
If your objective is to limit or control which devices are allowed to join, Ruckus DPSK is a better solution, and it’s much more secure. MAC auth is easily spoofed and not secure.