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Will ZF7321 mesh if 2.4GHZ selected?

New Contributor III
ZF7321 is single band selectable. Single band only meshes with other single band APs.

Can someone confirm that when 2.4GHZ is selected, mesh works with other 7321's, 7341's, 7343's, and 7352's.

On that same vein, what happens when I select 5GHZ on the 7321?

Does it mean, then, that it will only mesh with other 7321s and NOT the 2.4GHZ single band APs (e.g. 7341, 7343, 7352)?

New Contributor III
When 7321 is on 2.4GHz, it can mesh with single band APs e.g. 7341, 7343, 7352, or another 7321 on 2.4GHz.

When 7321 is on 5GHz, it will mesh with dual-band APs e.g. 7372, 7982, ..., or another 7321 on 5GHz. It will not mesh with single-band (2.4GHz) APs in this case.

New Contributor III
Okay great. I was told that mesh will only work on 5GHZ otherwise, and that sounded suspect. Answered! Thanks.