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What's the significance of WDS joined and left messages?

New Contributor II
I'm seeing messages like the following

WDS device left Device [55:CC:3B:53:DE:55] stops traffic via Client [DC:09:4C:84:01:08] in AP [AP20@74:3E:2B:1D:FA:50].
WDS device joined Device [55:CC:3B:53:DE:55] sends traffic via Client [DC:09:4C:84:01:08] in AP [AP20@74:3E:2B:1D:FA:50].

Any ideas what might be causing this?  Seeing quite a lot with different Devices and different Clients on different APs

I see that constantly...every 5 seconds...very confusing at times.

New Contributor II
Have you contacted Ruckus about it?    
I have reports of users "connecting" to the WLAN but not obtaining an IP address. I need to get more info, specifically their MAC, but I was thinking that if they joined the WDS (although I don't know why there is WDS) then perhaps this is why they think they connect. Shortly after they leave the WDS.   As you say, very confusing.  Any idea what is causing it and what the effect is?

Esteemed Contributor II
Are you trying to use a Wireless Bridge device (Huawei OUI = DC-09-4C) with some other client device (no OUI match for 55-CC-3B) behind it?

Ruckus WDS uses a 4-MAC method that is not standardized, and may not be compatible with other WiFi Bridges. 

If it can work, you might help the client behind the WDS device receive an IP, if you issue "set qos directedDHCP disable" on your APs.

New Contributor II
Not knowingly or deliberately using a wireless bridge device and ideally would like to stop it happening.  There is the Huawei device but also lots of others - Apple, Lenovo etc that have similar messages and usually the device trying to access using WDS doesn't have a MAC that has a valid OUI.  I have the same invalid MAC showing in event logs on 2 different sites 200 miles apart, which makes me think it's a false positive for WDS but if so then what to the event logs mean and what's really happening...I wonder?