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Using DPSK to tag to handle wired clients on non-Ruckus repeater

New Contributor III
We are a retirement community offering Wifi services to our residents in cottages using T300/1s.  We've setup DPSK to isolate "subscriber" devices from each other by dynamically assigning VLANs.  It has been working well up until a new issue appeared...we have a resident that has wired devices (an older TV, receiver, NAS box, and printer) that are not wireless.   He has a Asus router running DD-WRT.  I think I can configure his router as a bridge but am concerned that since the DPSK passphrase is tied to 1 mac address, the wired devices connected to the bridge will not be able to connect because they have unique mac addresses behind the bridge.  Any ideas of how to work around this or am I forced to purchase another Ruckus AP and manually assign the VLAN to the ethernet port and run it to his switch?

New Contributor III
So I did some testing and was able to get everything working:  I followed the guide here: and then had to run this command in the CLI on the Ruckus AP to get DHCP working on the bridged wired devices:  set qos directedDHCP disable 

Tested communication both ways between wired & wireless and to WAN and so far everything is working