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Unable to connect to system - two r510 APs with ICX-7150 switch

New Contributor

We've had this system for a few years and it went out. Can't connect to the networks we set up. This has happened once before and ruckus helped set up remotely a couple years back but reaching them by phone has been nearly impossible.

Cannot access admin interface via app nor url so cannot check or change settings.

all status lights on ICX are green.

on both AP :

  • PWR-solid green
  • CTL-off
  • AIR-off
  • 2.4G/5G-solid orange

using spectrum- spectrum routers working fine and we've been using as a backup. 

wondering how to go about reconfiguring the system to reconnect?


New Contributor II

Are these two APs associated with one controller? from what you mention there is no way to enter via app or administration interface, what kind of WLANs do you have? 802.1X authentication or just WPA2, in any case, it would be necessary to reconfigure ...


Yes two to one, I believe. And I'm positive its just WPA2 

I ask which controller the APs are to see how to apply a reset, unleashed, zone director, SmartZone, virtual SmartZone, or ruckus cloud.

When you display the wireless networks on your device, do you see a network name multiple times?

unleashed. no, no other networks names show