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Two access point setup question

New Contributor III
Looking for help Setting up unleashed R600 in my main floor and ZF7982 Standalone in my Basement is there any best way of accomplishing this for best experience?
Will have same wifi thru the house . Any help will be appreciated.


Esteemed Contributor II
The two APs are on independent platforms.  We don't have Unleashed for 7982, so it will be the same as having two Solo/Standalone APs.
No problem though, if you connect to the same home LAN that has an ISP router providing DHCP, but your clients will have a brief re-connect
blip if/when they roam between APs in different parts of the house.  You can decide if you want to run Unleashed on the R600 (maybe nice to
get familiar with the WebUI if you plan to expand, as Unleashed supports Mesh too...), or in Solo/Standalone mode which will look just like the
7982 AP interface.

Thank you for your clear answer much appreciated.

I wish they all were so easy...  You're welcome.    =:^)