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Two Zond Director HA methods & Zone Director local or central switching

New Contributor II
Hello all, I have a question for about of the HA. Can support the Zone Director 100 active/backup or active/active or Cluster? How can i use the Two Zone Director 100 HA ?? And another one question is, Could i use the Zone Director and AP with local switching or central switching like cisco WLC?

Contributor II
If the '100' = SmartZone, then the you should have two controllers, link them up in a Cluster, that will run in active/active mode, making load balancing between the two.

And I would definitely recommend to always run the SZ in a cluster.
And if you're happy with the Zone Director platform, stay on that for now!

New Contributor II
Hi all , These are about of our Controller information ,
[SmartZone] SZ100 with 4 GigE ports

How can i get the HA configuration method ?
Active / Standby or
Active / Active 
Clustering ?

As far as I know, SmartZones can only run in Cluster mode.
Menu: System: Cluster
If you have more than one.
If you install a second, it will ask if you like to set it up as a new, or join a cluster.

New Contributor II
Yep Jakob , I have two same model , how can get HA methods ??
Can i get Clustering only ?
How about of Active / active or active / standby ? Can i iget or not ?

They only run in Cluster mode.
You can run 2 or 3 SmartZones in a cluster.

Cluster = Active/Active mode, aka load balancing mode, but they take over if one goes down.
Also, when you run firmware upgrades, they do one-then-the-other when they reboot.Be patient - VERY patient, a firmware upgrade takes 1-1.5 hours!