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Two APs on Same Channel

Last night I disabled DFS channel 124 due to interference issues and noticed two APs were on the channel. This morning I noticed both APs are now on Ch 60.

Is this an issue? If so, how can I force one AP to another channel?

Forgot I can disable the channel on one of the two APs, but is a recommended solution?

Contributor II

Do not worry. This is normal in a Ruckus network and the APs will automatically switch channels as needed. This will not have an impact on your performance since Ruckus has unique technology built in to the AP such as Beamflex and ChannelFly which will ensure the AP will performs always at its best. Focus on customer experience and worry only when you hear or seem client impact, if any.

You should need to worry about channel selection nor need to disable any channels in your network unless it is a very high density with a complex topology or AP deployment scenario.

Hope this helps.

Valued Contributor II
possible if those two AP's are on channelfly and closeby location. As channelfly will find X channel as highest TP providing channel on both AP's,...