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T610 Network Constantly Resetting

New Contributor

I’m new to setting up wifi networks other than at home and need some help. My T610 constantly resets. It’ll come up for approximately 15 seconds, then resets. I read somewhere that if you turn off the auto channel selector, that it’ll stop. I tried that and it worked. I put it on the first channel on the list and it worked fine, but surly that’s not how they’re supposed to work. How should I fix this? I’ve setup a few other T610’s and didn’t run into this. 

Also, I’d love to be able to pay someone to answer my silly questions through text as they come up. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Thedavewarren 

Is that AP running in standalone mode or in unleashed mode ? You can verify it by login into the AP CLI and run the below command

get version

Also confirm all the LED status on the AP?

Please provide the AP support logs at the time of the issue when it reboot.


I don’t even know how to run that command. I can log into the AP, but I need the next step or two unfortunately.