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T300 initial login failure

New Contributor

I have to do the initial login to a T300 and do initial configurations. I have not been able to login to this using the PoE and trying to connect with my laptop to, in fact the computer seems to not be able to see the T300 at all, even with ping. I am new to Ruckus equipment. It is also possible that someone else in my group here, has connected to this with a ZD 1200 which I understand prevents future login to I thought that holding reset for 10-12 seconds takes the AP back to factory settings which means that I should be able to login to from my browser. Can anybody get me going so I can login from my computer? I have the computer Ethernet going to the PoE device and then the data/power cable going to the T300 but can't login to I am on windows 7, it has typical heavy IT admin lock downs on it, which means that I can't really adjust any computer settings or install any software. Would a factory reset prevent access to I have a green blink about once per second.

Thanks folks!


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Chris,

   Green blink on the AIR LED means "looking for ZD/SZ".  It will have the ZD/SZ Admin password for access
until you do a factory default (reset).  You said you did press the indented "Reset" button, by the Eth ports, for
8+ seconds before releasing?  And did the AP lights go out, come on again, to indicate the reset was happening?

   If so, you should be able to program your PC's IP to the 192.168.0.x network, test pinging and if
good, then try opening a browser.  Does this help?