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T300 RSSI is better than T610

New Contributor
As the customer's request, we did a test for T300 and T610 recently to make sure T610 coverage and performance are greater than T300. The test items and results as below : 

1) RSSI signal test with Fluke AirCheck tester, T300 RSSI is better than T610.

2) SpeedFlex test with IPhone 6, T610 speed test is better than T300.

My question

1) T610 TX power is bigger than T300, I don't know why T300 is better than T610?

2) Speedtest result T610 is better than T300, is this due to T610 RX sensitivity is better than T300?

Please resolve my doubt, many thanks.

Esteemed Contributor II
Please contact your local VAR or Ruckus SE to help evaluate your testing procedures, regarding channels with least interference, etc.
No inference can be deducted from your reported findings, I'm sorry.

New Contributor
Very appreciate, thanks for help.