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T Bar Replacement for R700?

New Contributor II
I’m in the middle of a drop ceiling replacement at my school district. Long story short, does anyone have a line on the t-bar hangars that came with my APs or something that’ll fit as a replacement? I’ve been told by two vendors they aren’t made anymore.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff6ce_74c0ec45ea58bacad80170b0845c5ddb_RackMultipart20190606434001yj6-261cbb14-94e8-4c40-b179-bd9410f9ca7b-1884354823.jpeg1559851776

Thank you for any help, I’m kinda up a creek here.

New Contributor
They are still making them with the R730s, so you should be able to contact your Ruckus rep and they can get you a part number.

Ooooo, you might have just saved me. THANK YOU.

indeed. They are still shipped as part of the R510/R610/R7xx. 

Part number below:

902-0195-0000 T-bar ceiling mount kit for R720, R710, R610, R510, R310, R320, R700, R600, R500, M510 for mounting to flush frame ceiling.

List price is 25$ which is quite steep... and lead time is usually long as its not an item usually in stock. Over on ebay, someone is selling a used R500 with a T-Bar bracket for 50 bucks. You might be better off with that and having a lab AP on the side.

If you need a lot of them though...  I guess you might have to bite the bullet, unless you're willing to hack something up yourself. 


Thank you for the confirmation and heads up. I really appreciate it!