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Surface Pro 3 Wireless Reliability Issues

New Contributor II
We are experiencing Surface Pro 3 wireless reliability issues on our Ruckus setup. Currently unable to determine where fault lies - with Surface, Ruckus or both.

Approximately 350 staff with Surface Pro 3 units. Desk based Surface Docks with LAN connectivity, Ruckus wireless for roaming throughout the building - 6 levels with multiple R710 access points per floor.

Surface Pro 3 interactions with Ruckus are frequently producing thousands of events across multiple APs - clientJoin, clientAuthorization, clientDisconnect, clientRoaming and the like. This can happen while docked or while roaming.

Windows event logs are showing stopping and starting authentication sequences and DHCP requests are being generated for each wireless join.

Eventually the Surface Pro 3 device will go into limited - drop off the wireless network or become extremely slow.

- We have turned off Surface Pro 3 Connected Standby to avoid sleep/wake issues.
- Latest firmware/updates/drivers on Surface Pro 3
- Latest firmware etc applied to Ruckus.

Some similar posts here on the forums - but from some time ago. Have logged a support ticket.

Anyone else in a similar situation or previously solved such a problem?

New Contributor II
It was determined that VLAN pooling was causing the Surface Pro 3 units to experience wireless reliability issues. We are unsure which side the fault is on. Could be Surface Pro 3 driver issue, chip set issue, bug in Ruckus or other?

Valued Contributor II
was it working ok with NO VLAN pooling??

i think u can remove one AP from network, make it work as standalone... just simple configuration no VLAN... is Surface Pro working ok?

i know its not a best of test bed but could be best bet to dmystify above causes...

Works with no VLAN pooling.

Our corporate SSID had VLAN pooling enabled and was causing issues with Surface Pro 3 units. We advertised another SSID without VLAN pooling and no issues were encountered.