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Speed Throttling

New Contributor II
Recently purchased two R510 for my home connected through a gigabit switch to a router. Cat6 wiring all around. Connection speed is 200mbps. I am able to get 180mbps down when connected to the router. When i connect to the Ruckus, the speed seems to throttle exactly at 50mbps down. Any solutions ?

Esteemed Contributor II
Not enough information...  What kind of client, what WLAN authentication and distance from AP(s)?
Create a WLAN on 2.4G only and one on 5G only, and test individually.  You should see better
throughput on 5G.

New Contributor II
Hi. The installation was done by a network company but they do not seem to know what the problem is as I am their first Ruckus customer. If you could help me find out where I might be able to find these settings, I can post them here.

P.s I’ve since upgraded to a gigabit connection, I see a 1000mbps uplink on the AP’s portal. Both AP are bridged to provide a single SSID and yet speed seems to limit to little less than 100mbps.

Also this is not the unleashed version.

Authentication is WPA. Distance between both the AP is around 30 feet.

Hi Abinav,

Are you using WPA or WPA2?
The higher data rates will only be achieved by using WPA2 with AES.



Encryption method is WPA. WPA version was WPA+WPA2 , now it seems like it throttles to 100mbps instead of lower after changing to WPA2. Authentication is PSK and algorithm is AES. Pcket forward is ‘Bridge to WAN’ as it’s the right mode when connected to a switch I assume.
Edit: I’ll upload some images of my settigs once i get home.