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Signal Drop on R650

New Contributor

I have a Wireless Unify OpenScape WLAN Phone WL4 Handset and I'm using a Ruckus R650 system. Occasionally, I experience continuous signal drops. Does anyone have any suggestions?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @ToXicBoi 

When you say signal drop, I assume that the is getting disconnected.
Do you have any other devices connected to the R650 AP?
If yes, do you face signal drop issue on those devices as well?
Will it reconnect automatically?
Which version is the AP is running on?

We can try to understand the disconnection reason from the AP support file, you can download it as soon as you face the issue.
If you search for the keyword "disassociate" and look for the client MAC address, you will find the events.

 Hi Sanjay,

The signal of the IP Phone is being disconnected for a very short period of time, and then it automatically back to normal.

Yes, I have multiple devices connected to it. However, apart from the IP Phone, everything else is working fine.

ZD1200_10. / AP_10.

Is this happening when roaming or when in station?
Also, is this happening when the iPhone goes to sleep mode by any chance?

New Contributor

It cannot be in sleep mode. Because I have a similar system running Unleashed R310 without any issues.