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Setting Timeout Duration on Guest Passes Longer than 500 Minutes?

New Contributor II
APs: r600

I have seen a few posts on here referencing ability to set the connection timeout on a specific VLAN (e.g. our Guest WLAN) to "higher" numbers like an entire week. When I go to set the inactivity timeout, I am limited to 500 minutes. 

I am good with this for our true visitors, but am considering setting up a specific SSID for our employees to use for their BYOD devices, and would like to have the timeout at something like 1 month. From our legal side of the house, we'd like to still use the Guest Pass method (instead of WPA) so we can pop up the "I Agree" page every month with reminders/policy, but yet don't want people to have to login every day.


New Contributor
What do you mean by timeout? Being logged out after some time?
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