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Rugged APs

Valued Contributor
Will RW have any ruggedized APs, like Cisco has for some of its models.

In warehousing and some other locations, sometimes there is dust and temperatures can go just below 0C. You have 2 options. You can either use 7762 or 7782, which is far too expensive or you can go McGyver style and buy a plastic case, which does the job, but it doesn't appeal to me or the customer that much.

But if you could make a ruggedized AP from for example 7372 (maybe name it 7372-R) that would be dust proof and go to lets saj -10 or -5 easy, we could be more competitive in those verticals.

Valued Contributor
Oh yeah, and another thing.

Don't make it twice as expensive. Keep it reasonable if you can.

New Contributor
We're in the same situation with the need for a low-cost outdoor rated AP.

We've been using the 2741 until it suddenly went EOL with no option for a last one-time purchase. We're now using the 7372 in a NEMA box for outdoor use, but we, and our customers, don't like this solution either. I'm concerned about heat generated inside an air-tight enclosure and we've had some complaints from customers about bolting boxes on the outside of their buildings. In general, everyone has liked the look of the 2741 enclosure.

Our application is not as standard since our embedded devices are 802.11G and will remain this way for the foreseeable future. The 2942/2741 combination worked well for us, especially since the prices were significantly less than the big N APs. We pay for the WiFi networks we install since it's an integral part of our solution so we can't easily pass the higher costs for N on to our customers.

We are very anxious to see what/when Ruckus provides an outdoor version of the 7372. Hopefully sooner vs later!

Contributor III
This box might be too large for your applications..

But it has a fan and some temperature control.

This enclosure is smaller and might work for something the size of the 7372 but it's just a box w/ no fan.

Have you found anything better for outdoor applications?

Valued Contributor II
Perhaps the T300 series is a bit closer to affordable, at around half the price or less compared to the 7782?