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Ruckus renewal & License

New Contributor
Hi all guys.

My current system is 02 smartzone 100 controller and 581 ruckus AP. I want to add more 6 management ap license to controller.
Unfortunate, my controller was expried of support license. I chech with local distrubition, they said that I need to purchase: 
- L09-0001-SG00: AP management license for SZ-100/vSZ 3.X, 1 Ruckus AP access point: 6
- S02-0001-1LSG: Partner WatchDog Support Per SZ/vSZ AP, 1 YR: 6
- S22-S104-1000: Partner WatchDog Support Renewal for SmartZone 100 with 4 GigE ports, 1 Year: 2
S22-0001-1LSG: Partner WatchDog Support Renewal  Per SZ/vSZ AP, 1 YR: 581

Actually, I dont know why I have to purchase more 581 unit of S22-001-1LSG license. So can you help me to explain? And necessary by it?

Thank for help

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Micah,

I checked as I'm not as fluent on this topic, but what you were quoted is correct.

You need to buy the 6 new AP licenses, and support on those licenses.
And you need to buy support on your controllers, and the AP licenses on those have expired.

Hi Michael,

Actually, I dont know the ruckus policies.
I just want add some APs to current system, nothing more. But I have to purchase alot of license to do this and it is so expensive.

is it necessary to buy support on the controllers compulsory

New Contributor

I have the same question here. Can my wireless network still works and get necessary support on Smartzone (Controller) if i only purchased S22-S104-1000? Thanks in advance.