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Ruckus access points Conversion for Sonos

New Contributor

Hi , recently I was trying to set up my surround Wi-Fi for my home using Sonos . But it’s not grouping all the products at same time , when future research with Sonos customer support learnt that 

By default, Ruckus access points convert multicast/broadcast traffic to unicast traffic, which disrupts expected Sonos behavior. Sonos requires multicast and broadcast traffic (Multicast is a one-to-many streaming over IP method similar to traditional broadcast.) to be passed normally. Please check this information to Ruckus to allow the access points to pass multicast and broadcast traffic full time.  

please help how to change this configuration 


Hi vasanth , thanks for quick response .

Not sure how should I execute this commands on Mac ? Can you help me with the set by step process or should I do it on phone ? 
I have unleashed app on my phone that much I know and I see 2 access point in home own upstairs and one downstairs .Me not being developers could you explain how should I run those commands and change the configuration .thank you .

Hi @Vamsireddi,

Commands to be run in AP CLI, you may need a PC with one of these Apps like Putty, secureshell, teraterm, Terminal (MacBook) etc., installed.

With phone, access to AP CLI could be limited.


Vasanth Edward

Hi ,it did not work vasanth.

Hi @Vamsireddi,

Could you please elaborate on the action taken & non working part.

Else, would suggest you to open a case with us for further investigation on the issue.

Refer article to open a case.



Vasanth Edward