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Ruckus R500 Downgrade ->

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I've been given a site that's just had 2 new R500's installed with firmware, they are using a ZoneDirector 1112 on The ZD has tried to downgrade them when auto previsioning them with no luck, so I have stopped the auto prevision and removed them from the ZD and tried to manually upload the same version the other R500's are using after doing a factory reset but this isnt working ether. 

Any ideas?



upgrade the ZD software FIRST.

it will handle the case for you.

current ZD 1200 firmware is build 238

check if you need to go intermediate stages first.

if your ZD is 1100 , then it's basically dead kit

last version was:

 ZD1100 (MR2 Refresh10) Software Release

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Obvious question -- do you have unused licenses on ZD1100 to add this 2 APs?

And of cause, I agree, if you can upgrade ZD1100, do it. ZD1200 upgrade over 9.9 requires active support contract, but I don't remember if it was required for ZD1100 too. We stopped to use ZD1100 just when Zd1200 became available, and it was long time ago...

As you have just 12x R500, you always can switch to Unleashed software v. 200.7 for all APs, as this is much more current, and stop using ZD1100 at all.


I would say that ruckus still has an updated firmware for ZD1100,

so maybe you are just better off to let the ZD1100 run the show with a "downgraded" software.

or you could throw the ZD away, and let the R500 setup their own network with 1 as the controller, then manage via that one

Just to make clear: I tested -- it is possible to upgrade ZD1100 without having current support contract from 9.8.2 only to some 9.9+ version (I upgraded to, to the one, to which you can upgrade directly from 9.8.2. Farther upgrade isn't possible, as 9.9 disables upgrade feature without support contract. So you can't get to 9.10, as it requires upgrade to 9.9 beforehand, which disables farther upgrades. Of cause, there is  no active support for any ZD1100, as they are EOL for a long time.

I expected so, but as ZD1100 is old, I didn't remember if it is enforced, as with newer devices. It is.