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Ruckus H350 AP's ~ looking for a buyer...

New Contributor

Hi there, my name is Summer. I recently purchased a storage unit with just under 100 Ruckus H350 Access Points inside (among other things). All brand new in box/original packaging. I admittedly know little on the subject. However I have done my homework on pricing and am confident I am pricing these babies at an extremely appealing per unit price. In a perfect world, I would unload the whole lot at once. I have made a few local calls (Orange County, CA) but figured I would have better luck going straight to the source to increase my likelihood of success. Could anybody point me in the direction of a potential motivated buyer(s)? Even if it is someone just interested in flipping the lot. I am pricing these low enough that a buyer could make a nice little chunk of change themselves if they're interested in selling.

Thank you so much in advance for your time. It's much appreciated.



New Contributor II

Hi Summer,

These are good devices; they will be suitable for small offices, hotels, and even individual homes.

Hopefully, one of the companies that does networking projects will reply here. But if nobody replies in this forum, you might want to consider contacting people who sell similar equipment on eBay - like this seller:


Thank you so much for that response. I will check out the link you sent. Any direction is much appreciated. 😊