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Ruckus AP capacity planning/formula

New Contributor III

CLIENTS: Single stream, 802.11ac

Connected to 5Ghz (only) and 20 channel width with theoretical and optimal RF conditions

AP: Single R500

How many concurrent clients can I serve with for example a Netflix 5mbps stream?

What is the formula / model?

Contributor III
Oh... I didn't consider that Samuel might be trying to figure out how many 5Ghz APs he needs to support a certain number of "video" clients.

Are you aware of how many non-overlapping 40Mhz channels there are in the 5Ghz band?
I think it's 12.

How many clients do you need to support?
Would 12 channels be enough for your application?
(or 15, if you're allowed to use the 3 2.4Ghz 20Mhz channels and consume "all" spectrum for this one purpose)

Valued Contributor II
One other point that came to mind: Don't forget that even if channel width is set to 40MHz, 20MHz rates are still in play. I routinely see my 80MHz capable units actively using 40MHz or 20MHz rates particularly close to the fringe of coverage. But of course, relying on this too much will result in poor spectrum efficiency, if you really are close to saturating all your 5GHz spectrum.