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Ruckus 7372 Freezes Printer Connection

New Contributor II
I have a Xerox Colorcube 8080 via ethernet on vlan 1 with static IP, and a Ruckus 7372 with a ssid on vlan 1. The problem is that time to time the users over wifi cannot ping, access gui printer, etc. the users over ethernet are normal everytime. The workaround is restart the ap and then all works fine again and sometimes with renew the ip config work.

The ruckus is connected to a Cisco SG300 switch via trunk port,

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Alan,

Please share a few more details?  (and at least the Xerox printer is on Eth and not Wireless)

1) Is the 7372 used in Solo/Standalone mode (what version), or managed by a Ruckus controller (ZD/SZ, and what version)?
2) What is the version of Cisco SG300, and is it their latest? 
3) Is the printer connected to the same switch as the AP, or across the network (how many hops, what intermediate equip)?

Two troubleshooting scenarios come to mind - is this an AP/wireless issue, or the local LAN/VLAN 1 wired network perhaps?

How to Test?  Can one of the users reporting no problems now be connected to the second Eth port of the 7372? 
Can you evaluate that user's ping/printer gui access when Wifi users say they have problems?  If both are broken,
at the same time, we need to look at the AP, it might have some memory utilization issues, especially if this is all on
one switch (on latest Cisco code).  If we need to upgrade your AP/controller, we should do that too.

New Contributor II
Hello Michael,
1. Tha AP is standalone with Software Version:
2. The SG300 run the version (the latest), I just check interface counter and there is no crc errors or drop but I see Received Pause Frames: 10176 (maybe this is the key point).
3. The printer and the ap are in the same switch

1) The second port of the ruckus is disable
2) I will check the memory when the problem comes up
3) What version you recomend to upgrade the AP?

New Contributor II
I have 3 vlans, so I have 3 SSID on 2.4 and 3 SSID on 5 (ALL WPA2-AES). Both radios use fix channel and Channel Width 20 Mhz.