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Random AP reboots: heartbeats lost + kernel panic

New Contributor III
We're seeing random reboots of certain AP's (R500 and R510), connected to our ZoneDirector 1200 (release build 21).

In the ZoneDirector Events/Activities: 
AP[...] joins with uptime [79] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : kernel panic]

In the AP Events/Activities:
First AP[...] heartbeats lost, followed by AP[...] joins with uptime [79] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : kernel panic]the same entry as 

There's no pattern as to when it occurs: it can happen in the middle of the night, during working hours, not always on the same AP's. We don't know what's the reason of those kernel panics and we can't reproduce the issue. Any advice or related information could be helpful.


I have had an expirience whith the same situation on the cisco APs. There were due to SIP on wifi phones.

New Contributor II
Sip on phones?

You should better to open a case & pick up some logs.
In another vendor, not ruckus, the reason of the same troubles was: 
While SIP call initiation, AP crashes and Kernel panic seen. Root Cause: While SIP call initiation, WLC sends AP_SIP_CAC_CALL_BW_PAYLOAD to AP. The Payload contains SIP INVITE message, which further has to be sent to client. After AP receive the payload, AP makes Packet (SIP INVITE) from buffer inside the payload but didn't set transport header location in the packet. While the packet reach IPClassifier element, Transport header is dereferenced and crash happens. This issue got exposed after IPClassifier element was inserted between sip_snooping_tx and todev_aprXvY path 
You'd better open a case in Ruckus.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Pieter,

I would suggest you to open a case with the support team so that we can check on the logs based on the event and identify the issue.